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Oakham and Barndsale gardens

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        A great day out from Nottingham is a trip to Rutland via Oakham. The old town of Oakham is worth a brief visit to see the Butter Cross  with its 5 hole stocks which is at least 400 years old. The town pump is in front of the castle gates in a central position in the town.

Oakham castle
has a 12th century Norman Great Hall. It is recognised as one of the finest examples of domestic Norman architecture in England and is the earliest surviving example of an aisled stone hall in the country. It contains over 200 horseshoes given as forfeits to the Lord of the manor by peers of the realm and royalty passing through Oakham.

Barnsdale is also close by for garden enthusiasts.









The Butterfly farm & Aquatic centre is on the north shore off theA606. There are 5000 square feet of walk through jungle.

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